P: 07 4972 6990


Time Table

Providing a comprehensive water transport service for Gladstone and surrounding waters.

Regular vehicle and passenger service to the South End of Curtis Island and Farmers Point, Facing Island



Depart Gladstone
Depart South End
Monday 12:30pm 3:30pm
Wednesday 8:00am / 2:30pm 9:00am / 3:30pm
Friday 8:00am / 5:30pm 9:00am / 6:30pm
Saturday 8:00am / 2:30pm 9:00am / 3:30pm
Sunday 8:00am / 2:30pm 9:00am / 3:30pm

Island Cruise passengers are welcome on any scheduled departure. Departs from 215 Alf O’Rourke Drive Gladstone Marina. *Timetable may change without notice. Vehicle bookings essential.


Harbour Price List

Passengers Fare Price
Adult (15yrs & over) Single
Children (5-14 yrs) Single
Children (4 & under)  
Family Pass (2a + 2c) Single
Family Pass 3 (2a + 3c) Single
Family Pass *2a + 4c) Single
Passenger Baggage  
Unaccompanied Items (Bages, eskies, cartons…) One Way
Vehicle  *Indicates Driver Included FOC
Standard Vehicle (under 5.5m L & 2.0m W One Way
Large Vehicle (Under 6.5m & 2.2m W) One Way
Vehicle Family Pass 2 (2a + 2c) One Way
Vehicle Price* + $30.00
Vehicle Family Pass 2 (2a + 3c) One Way
Vehicle Price* + $35.00
Vehicle Family Pass 2 (2a + 4c) One Way
Vehicle Price* + $40.00
Trailer (Overall length Per meter or part thereof) One Way
$15.00 p m
Towed Trailer (Overall length Per meter or part thereof) One Way
$13.00 p m
Motorbike One Way
Quad Bike One Way
Buggy (Side by Side) One Way
Heavy Equiptment
Truck & Commercial Vehicles (Under 2.5m Wide per meter or part thereof) One Way
Truck & Commercial Vehicles (Under 3.5m Wide per meter or part thereof) One Way
205 litres fuel (empty return in price) Return
45kg gas (empty return in price) Return
Standard Pallet (1200mm x 1200mm) One Way
Freight (bundles of timber, iron, pipe) per m2 One Way
Tank 5,000 gal One Way
Tank 3,000 gal One Way
Tank 2,000 gal One Way
Tank 1,000 gal One Way
All Deliveries to site  
Barge hire for moving of equipment Per Hour
Parking (Harbour Island Only)
Outside Secure Per Night
Outside Secure Per Week
Port of Gladstone Harbour Tour
Adult Cruise
Pensioners Cruise
Children (5-14 yrs) Cruise
Island Cruise (approx. 2 Hours)
Adults Cruise
Seniors Cruise
Children (5-14 yrs) Cruise
Children (4 & under) Cruise
Cruise Family Pass 2 (2a + 2c)  
Cruise Family Pass 2 (2a + 3c)  
Cruise Family Pass 2 (2a + 4c)  
2 Cruise Deal (Harbour and Island)
Adult Cruise
Seniors Cruise
Children (5-14 yrs) Cruise


Curtis Endeavour and Curtis Endeavour II Price List and Description from December 1st, 2015 Local Island residents receive 10% off passenger rates. Proof of residence is required at check-in.

Bulk fuel and domestic water delivery by arrangement Camping drop-offs and pick-ups in the Southern Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Permits must be obtained from National Parks